Bhimappa Durgappa of Parapura: A CNV hero

To coincide, with COP 19 and the international launch of CNV, CED documentation team is in Parapur, the first CNV village..

Meet Bheemappa and Durgamma who despite being low carbon footprinters.. are doing their bit.. 



CNV Documentalist: Bhimappa Durgappa Harijana,  Land Survey number 27/3, Parapura extent: 2 acre 19 guntas

From our Home, we are half a km away.
From there, for work we come here –
Our own farm, where we work
we have to come here. This is our own farm and we work here. We have sown dal (tur) here and in another three months the lentil will be ready for harvest. After that we will prepare our fields in time for the rains. for rain-fed cropy season. Again we have to sow seeds.

These people have given us plants. We have newly planted these plants. We want to rejuvenate them. I want to grow these plants, we will take care of them. It will be profitable for us. These trees will give us shade. Leaves will fall into the field and so it will provide manure to the field. We have got Honge (Pongamia) plants, Neem plants and Gobbara plants(Gliricidia) plants. We planted these plants this rainy season. For next rainy season I want to plant more of them.

Durgamma: My village is Parapura, Gangavathi Taluk, Musulapura post office. We are working in the field. My name is Durgamma, my husband's name is Bhimappa. My childrens' names - Hanumappa, Eeresha, Yamunamma, my daughter-in-law Basamma. They all go out to work. We both work in the field. We have two cows. We take them for grazing.. We cook eat and live here.

For chulika chula we use less wood and also there is less smoke. For the other chula more wood is needed.

Now they have given us these plants. We have planted them on the border of the field. We are taking care of these. Our children go to work, no body is at home.

For chulika we have paid Rs.100. We have put in the bank. That has been kept in two peoples name.

Bhimappa: If it rains we will get harvest if there is no rain then it will be a loss. So children go out to work and whatever they earn we live on that. We have not received any help from the Government.

Jacintha: Do you have any ideas about the NREGA schemes which are available?

Bhimappa: Yes we know about it. Last year we have registered and we have the job card.. From last 3-4 years this is going on. For a year we have worked as labourer. We have to go to Panchyat office to enquire about it. As an individual if we ask nothing will happen. The whole village has to ask for it. We have spoken during our meetings and we hope Samuha people will help us in this.